We are a family-run operation that spans a 120-year-old history of supplying fresh goods to the town of Bulawayo from the Milk on the Milk Cart pulled by donkeys up Main Street, Beef that has adorned many a braai to fresh vegetables delivered into the city today.

With Agricultural land becoming smaller and smaller we have seen the need to employ a holistic way of farming, giving back to the soil what it has relinquished to the crop.

We have always supplied Vegetables to the Big markets in town but saw a need for a smaller “ready prepared” line for the convenience of the working person. So with this in mind, we developed a line of “pre-cut, pre-prepared” vegetables such as Chinese Stirfry, Sliced and Diced Carrots and Beans, Salad packs, Peeled and Cubed Butternut to name just a few and all ready to open and put in the pot, bowl or fry into a delicious stirfry.

As with all perishable products, deliveries are made to order as we pick and pack daily to ensure maximum freshness from farm to table.

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Email: tara@umvutcha.co.zw

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