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In 4 easy steps, your business will be online

4 Steps to getting a micro-website

We have created an easy 4 step process for you to get your Bulawayo business online with

Step 1 - MyByo

Step 1

You will need to decide which package you want for your business. Once you have decided the size of your micro-website it is time to move onto Step 2.

Step 2 - MyByo

Step 2

Complete the micro-website from giving as much information as you can. By giving as much information as you can, your customers will have a better understanding of your business and increase the chance of them using your company.

Types of content: Words, Images, Videos, PDFs

Step 3 - MyByo

Step 3

It is time for us to build and design your micro-website. Using the information you have provided via the contact form, we will develop your website and it will be live on within 7 days.

Step 4 - MyByo

Step 4

Your website is live on and it is ready for you to be shared online. You will have the ability to share in on Facebook, add it to your business cards, add it to your email signature.

The more places you add it, the more people will see it and the more chance you will get new customers.





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